Initiative for the introduction of anonymous job application process

Today I left in the city council meeting an initiative, which presents anonymous job application process introduction. The aim is to prevent discrimination in the hiring process, and also check in the different administrations if is under-represented groups, be aware of why and to highlight practices that can improve the situation, such as positive discrimination.

In this model employer cannot see the name, age, date and place of birth, nationality, mother tongues, family composition or marital status before that candidates are selected to job interview.

Is not easy to find a policy that addresses all the potential problems. Of course, it must be possible to adapt the model in the various conditions that we can meet in the City of Joensuu. It is also very interesting that the city has to considered of equal treatment. Last year, in the approved plan of equality does not take a position in the recruitment and in general in all employee related issues. I understand the Non-Discrimination Act in such a way that the city’s plan was not complete.

I Hope this is helpful and I’ll continue the work for equality for all!



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